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How To Overcome Negative Thinking In Selling - By Rene Graeber

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Creative selling is an individual accomplishment.

It embraces you and the power within you to think and create.

These qualities and attributes are individual, and no one
but you can develop them.

Cut loose and free yourself from all negative thinking, from all petty restrictions and all pygmy notions and all corroded resistance. Negative thinking retards you and holds you back.

Open up the channel to positive thinking, and let the creative power flow through.

Cast out all your doubts and uncertainties.

They are of no value. Turn the power and dominion of positive thoughts on all your doubts, worries, and dreads. Start to develop the power of creative selling, and expect nothing but results.

Rejoice and be glad that you have the ability as well as the opportunity to sell. It will be a thrilling experience to sell and serve. You will find that you feel like a new person.

You will feel like starting anew every morning. What seemed a burden and a task will became an interesting and profitable adventure.

In the attributes of latent ability and creative power the men and women who sell have undeveloped resources to make the economy of this nation hum with unlimited prosperity, spin with increasing activity, and furnish more ofthe good things of life to a greater number of people for many, many years to come.

With new and better products coming into the market every day, and with new wants and new needs being uncovered almost hourly, everyone who sells or who prepares himself to sell has an unparalleled opportunity to partake of all the good things of life and share in an inexhaustible abundance.

Opportunity is not only knocking on your door, but it is ringing the door bell, urging you to avail yourself of the greatest aggregation of untapped wealth and prosperity that this nation or any nation has ever known. The potentialities of selling are greater today than ever before. Greater, too, are the rewards of selling. So - JUST DO IT.

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